• Bed bugs may be lurking about in your mattress, in the carpet, under rugs, behind furniture, and even inside the walls!

    Don't wait until you, your guests, or your clients are suffering the ill-effects of an infestation before taking action. Call Us Today

  • K9 scent detection is 97% accurate compared to human sight detection, which is only 40% effective.

    Dogs smell in parts per trillion, something a human cannot do. NESDCA-trained K9's detect only live bedbugs through all life cycle phases - from eggs to nymphs to adults.

    Pest Control Companies

  • NESDCA is a certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards of Scent Detection Canines, and an information resource center for the consumer and Pest Control Industry.

Protect a Bed Bedding Encasements

Certified bed bug proof zippered mattress protector w/ BugLock and SecureSeal.

Ziploc Big Bag XXL

Get more out of the space in your home with Ziploc Brand Big Bags.

GreenClean Dissolvable Laundry Bags

GreenClean Fully Disolvable LaundryBags. Dissolves in water As low As 60 degrees F. Safely wash clothes before bedbug treatment. Eliminates need to dispose of infested laundry bags.

PackTite Portable Heat Unit

PackTite Portable Heating Unit Kills All Stages of Bed Bugs by heating up to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Eliminates Stowaway Bed Bugs from Your Luggage. A safe non chemical bed bug solution.

BugZip - Large Encasement

Protects your luggage and belongings from bed bugs while travelling. Also protects your cleaned or treated clothes at home.

Climbup - Insect Inspector (12ct)

Climbup Insect Interceptors are a unique and easy-to-use monitoring system to aid in the early detection of bed bug infestations.

Protect-A-Bed BugLock Economy Encasement

Low cost bed bug protection for mattresses. Designed for public housing, non-profits, motels, colleges, camps & more.

SofaSafe - Encasement

Protects your furniture at home or while in storage. Total Lockdown - Bed bugs can't get in our out.

Vapamore Steamer

The Vapamore vapor steam cleaning system is the chemical-free way to clean sanitize and deodorize your home in one easy step.